Houston Woman Stuck On Roof For 8 Hours Saved After TV Interview

"Blog News", by: - August 30, 2017


Hurricane Harvey, the monstrous storm that has devastated Houston has left many people displaced, some injured, and five dead according to reports. Now, news has arrived that one woman was rescued after being stuck on her roof for eight hours. Her rescue took place after she was interviewed via a video phone call.

Iashia Nelson came to Houston from Louisiana in 2005 after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and this week, Nelson, her son, and about 30 other people climbed on to their neighbor’s roof to get away from the rising flood waters. Nelson was contacted by Good Morning America after she sent out an Instagram video asking for help for her and others on the roof. She told GMA, “It’s not going good for us. Across the street, the building is caving in, it’s water everywhere. We have nowhere to go. I lost everything. I have nothing but the clothes on my back.” When asked if she called the authorities, Nelson said, “I’ve been calling, they said they don’t have no time,” and that they had no idea when they would get there.

On her Instagram post, Nelson wrote, “Still needing help y’all Please. After her interview aired on ABC, Nelson was rescued by members of the “Cajun Navy,” a volunteer group with boats. One boat took all the children, while another boat put all the adults on board.

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