Colin Kaepernick Thanks Cardi B For Acknowledging His Cause

"Blog News", by: - August 30, 2017


Cardi B is the latest celebrity to recognize Colin Kaepernick’s hard efforts in fighting white supremacy and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Bronx rapper shared words of support for Kaepernick while on stage at the MTV VMA’s in Los Angeles on Sunday night. Since the start of his movement for boycotting the national anthem, and being vocal about the racial issues that are currently happening, Kaepernick has received more criticism and backlash.

Cardi B shouted out to the quarterback, who remains an NFL free agent after protesting the national anthem last season, and he took notice. “Before you get to her, let me just tell you this baby,” Cardi began. “Colin Kaepernick, as long as you’re here with us, we’re goin’ to be standin’ for ya baby, hey. That’s right, I said it.”

Kaepernick went to Twitter and posted the video of Cardi voicing her support with the caption: “Thanks so much @iamcardib I appreciate you supporting the movement and @yourrightscamp”





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