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Trump Retweets False Information About Obama’s Presidential Pardons

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Donald Trump has said that he likes to use Twitter because of all the fake news from media outlets, but it turns out the president himself is spreading fake news.

On Monday, Trump retweeted a message from Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, who stated that former President Barack Obama pardoned a traitor and terrorist killer, that is actually false information. Trump not only retweeted the inaccurate message, he later repeated versions of it at a White House press conference. Continue Reading

Lamar Odom: Getting Traded from the Lakers Ended My Career and Purpose

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Lamar Odom was living his best life with the Los Angeles Lakers. He had friends, family, stability, and was an integral part of the team’s 2009 and 2010 championship wins. His life, however, was upended when the Lakers traded him to the Dallas Mavericks, he disclosed in an interview with Shams Charania for The Vertical.

“That trade from the Lakers basically ended my career and purpose,” Odom told The Vertical. “I was never really myself ever again. Being in L.A., the structure, the people I knew, it hurt leaving. I had great memories with the Lakers, with Kobe and Pau. That was a special time in my life. Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE! DL Hughley: Hustlers & Athletes Would Get the Girls, So I Started Bagging on Ppl

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Comedian DL Hughley here tells Vlad about how he got his career off the ground. DL describes hustling in the LA comedy club scene, working at the LA Times, and finally breaking through with his first HBO comedy special. Watch above. Continue Reading

Floyd Mayweather Tries on $150K Crocodile Jacket

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Most people wouldn’t know what spend their money on if they were to make over $200 million in under 45 minutes, good thing Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is here to give us the blueprint. Continue Reading

Ben Simmons: I’m Not Worried About Other Rookies, I Want to Be at the Top

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

“My goal is to be the best in the league,” Ben Simmons told ESPN. “I’m not worried about other rookies, I’m worried about the guys at the top, and that’s where I want to be.” Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE! David Banner on Saying “Black People Should Be More Racist”

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

David Banner spoke openly about his views on politics today, and he addressed a comment about Trump being the best thing to happen to black people in recent years. He explained that black communities are more politically engaged since Trump was elected, and Banner added that a lot of hidden racism in white communities, especially from women, has come to light. Continue Reading

Andre Berto Says He Wants to Fight in the UFC: Dana White, Call Me

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Here’s a little-known fact about boxing welterweight Andre Berto: he comes from a family of mixed martial arts fighters. Long before losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the match that preceded Floyd’s clash with Conor McGregor, Berto was dabbling in mixed martial arts training, as the son of kick boxer Dieuseul Berto. And he was also getting an occasional conversation in with UFC president Dana White, thanks to his father having fought at UFC 10 in 1996. Berto is looking to speak with Dana once more, and this time he means business. Continue Reading

Meek Mill Shows Off His New Diamond-Studded Grills

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Grillz have always been an essential part of the rapper wardrobe, evolving from a single gold tooth to what we see prevalent today. Philly rapper Meek Mill experienced one of the biggest wins of his life following the release of the critically acclaimed “Wins and Losses” and he has to grillz to prove it. Continue Reading

Derrick Rose to Critics: The Only Thing That You Can Say Is That I Can Still Play

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Derrick Rose is getting a second chance…or a fifth. The once dynamic and explosive point guard has gone from NBA MVP and franchise centerpiece to a backup many have lost faith in, but the Chicago native wants everyone to know that he can still ball. Continue Reading

MSNBC Anchor Calls Out Ted Cruz for Hypocrisy on Hurricane Relief Bill

Blog News 30 Aug 17 0

Hurricane Harvey didn’t stop the political war between the parties. MSNBC correspondent Katy Tur shut down Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Monday for his hypocrisy concerning Harvey after his stance on relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

Cruz said critics calling him out for opposing a 2012 relief package to aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy were engaging in “political sniping,” and he had good reasons for his concerns. Continue Reading