Trump Compares Houston Floods to Water Damage in Trump Buildings

"Blog News", by: - August 30, 2017


Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey in Houston has been less than stellar, and now according to the New York Times, the POTUS has compared the flooding and devastation caused by the storm to “water damage” that happened at one of his real estate properties.

While speaking to FEMA staff at Camp David, it was reported that Trump shook his head in disbelief at the situation, and likened it to that of a water damage issue that he went through while he was managing his family’s apartment building in New York City. Trump reportedly told a member of his staff “Water damage is the worst. Tough, tough, tough.”

The First Lady was also criticized for her choice of footwear on the trip to Houston, as she donned six-inch heels to walk around the area on Tuesday (August 29). You can check out a photo above.


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