Showtime to Offer Refunds for PPV Glitches During Mayweather Fight

"Blog News", by: - August 30, 2017


Showtime is taking action to satisfy angry customers whose viewing experience was interrupted during the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor fight. The network’s VP of communications, Chris DeBlasio, claims that a “very limited” number of complaints on the issue has been received and that they are each being reviewed in order to determine who will get their $99.99 back.

Executives believe that a good number of viewers who placed their orders last minute may have contributed to the 10 to 20-minute delays that hindered the experience for some. Only those who are direct-to-customer purchasers of the fight will be taken into consideration for a refund. Those who saw the event through a third party site will have to reach out to their respective providers. One such provider that is said to have been plagued by delays was UFC’s Fight Pass. UFC says that it is in communication with its vendor, NewLion, to establish what went wrong, and that the company will be reviewing customer complaints “on a case-by-case basis.”

The refunds announcement comes after a Portland man filed a class-action lawsuit against Showtime, over Saturday’s [August 26] thwarted service.




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