Milo Yiannopoulos: Black Lives Matter More Dangerous than White Nationalists

"Blog News", by: - August 30, 2017


Alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is attempting to make a comeback and he’s gearing up for a return to UC Berkeley along the way. Many of the same people questioning how Yiannopoulos got into this past weekend’s MTV VMA Awards ceremony will soon be scratching their heads over the famously liberal school’s plans to host the controversial speaker, along with other far-right mouthpieces, months after a riot broke out during his scheduled appearance earlier this year.

Yiannopoulos himself doesn’t see a problem, not even when the question of hate groups associated with his movement comes up. If anything, he says, it’s not white supremacists that people should be worried about. “I just don’t think they’re that much of a problem. I think, what is it, a couple of thousand, like, idiot white supremacists in the country versus tens of thousands of much more dangerous and much more idiotic Black Lives Matters supporters,” Yiannopoulos told TMZ on Tuesday, August 29. “I just don’t think they’re that much of a problem. The media’s drumming it up like there’s some kind of resurgence of, like, white supremacy and neo-Nazism in this country. Clearly, there is not.”

Yiannopoulos is set to join a list of firebrand speakers who are expected to come to Berkeley as part of what Chancellor Carol Christ is calling a “free speech” year dedicated to opening up a forum for people of all viewpoints, including that which is exuded by Yiannopoulos. Ben Shapiro, Steve Bannon, and Ann Coulter are some of the other names that have come up for possible appearances at the university.

Prior to his remarks, Milo made in advocacy of sexual relations between grown men and underage boys leading to him being sacked from his position as an editor at Breitbart, Yiannopoulos was a fast rising voice on the alt-right. While he’s been a name in British media since 2011, Yiannopoulos became synonymous with Berkeley when his scheduled talk was shut down amidst a siege of Antifa protesters in opposition of his appearance by ravaging the campus with violence and destruction.



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